Taney County Federated Republic Women

Our club name is Taney County Federated Republic Women, in District 7. We have been told it was founded in 1932. Club president is Susan Bearden, 417-334-3670, beardentcfrw@gmail.com. We meet every month on the third Thursday of the month about 6:30PM, where we meet depends on the month. Every other month we meet in Hollister, and the next month it will be in Forsyth. This is to be considerate to our membership, we meet on each side of the county. We welcome any other Republican Club
members to come and visit, please call ahead to find where we will be meeting the month you might be able to attend.

Our membership is nineteen members and nine associates. We are looking for new members to actively be involved with us. We are actively working to keep people informed about the Republican policies and ideas. Some of our projects in the past beside the Breckenridge Scholar, are helping the homeless with totes, foster children with gift cards for clothing, food for the needy, and helping financially a historic park in Taney County, just to mention a few.

The club tries to have a speaker each month, during election year it is the various people running for office, plus issues that will affect our residents, communities and giving out new information about laws and items in Jefferson City.

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