Support Missouri Vets

How can you show your support and appreciation for our Missouri Veterans during COVID-19??

Missouri Veterans Homes

Here's what you can do without leaving home....

Missouri has seven Veterans Homes located across the state. Each of the homes has a Facebook page sharing news and activities within the residences. Today, I found a post from the Veterans Home in Warrensburg featuring a veteran (Paul) who was sharing his message via the Facebook page. What a wonderful way for the residents to be able to stay in touch with family and friends in this time of "lockdown".

We can show our heartfelt support and appreciation to our veterans by going to the Facebook page of the homes and writing a short message on the featured veteran's post, thanking them for their service and offering encouragement. This will require so little of us and could mean so much to a veteran to know they are not forgotten during this time.
(Not all homes have shared such posts but you may find another way to help by checking out the Facebook page of all our Veterans Homes)

You could also send cards and letters expressing your appreciation for their service and other encouraging sentiments.

Attached is a listing of Missouri Veterans Homes, including address, phone number and Facebook page.

Thank you all for what you are doing in your communities to help your friends and neighbors get through this pandemic and all of its effects.

Stay safe!!!