Nancy Johnson

In 2006, Claire McCaskill had her first run for US Senator. I was opposed to the campaign issues she supported.

My single voice to counter this stance was limited. I knew my local community had a
Federated Republican Women’s Club which included women with views similar to mine.
So, at my first opportunity, I joined. Later I served as president of the Hickory County
Federated Republican Women for two terms. We supported conservative Republicanism;
the values of traditional families, individual responsibility, limited government, a strong
national defense and free markets. Over the years, other leadership roles included serving
as secretary of the Fourth Congressional District Republican Women and as the District
president for two terms. Currently, I am in the third year of serving two terms as Missouri
Federated Republican Women’s Treasurer.

The organization gives me the opportunity to be part of a larger voice supporting conservative values. Additionally, I am able to become acquainted with elected officials and support candidates who share a similar vision for our state and country. My advice
to those interested in Republican activism is to join a Republican Woman’s Club and become engaged, not just at the local level, but also at the District and State levels. Share your ideas, learn from those around you and be vocal about your beliefs.

One of my most pleasant experiences with being a member has been the ability to be personally acquainted with our Fourth District Congresswoman, Vicky Hartzler, and State Senator Sandy Crawford. They each started their respective government service at the time I became active with Republican Women. It was enjoyable to work as a volunteer to help them win those early elections and now be able to say that two accomplished, sincere and dedicated women are serving our state and country. In fact, the last time I spoke to Sandy she said she is a “Special 10.” I gave her a quizzical look? She said. “Yes, I am just the tenth Republican female to serve in the Missouri Senate in its history!”

Now that our conservative values are being renewed within our government nationally
and statewide, guess who is still out of step with Americans? Claire McCaskill and all her
cronies...What are Republican Women to do? Why, get out the vote, spread the word and
defeat Claire and the rest! That is who we are!

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