On February 15, 1930 representatives from the following Republican Women’s Clubs met in St. Louis, Missouri. The group voted to form a federated Republican Women’s State Club and chose Mrs. Grace S. Burlingham as temporary chairman. On May 9, 1930, a committee was appointed to draft a Constitution and Bylaws.

There seemed to be some confusion as to which people were to be present at the meeting to adopt Constitution and Bylaws, so Mrs. Burlingham wrote letters stating that all Republican women of the state were invited and were eligible to vote.

The meeting was called for Saturday, June 7, 1930 to be held in the House of Representatives Room at the capital Jefferson City. The Constitution and Bylaws were adopted at that time. By 1938 the Missouri Federation of Republican Women had grown in numbers and in support throughout the state.

At this time in its growth a group of concerned women from different areas were convinced that women could make a difference in party politics and in the management of government. Representatives from eleven states met in Chicago and formed the National Federation of Republican Women on September 23-24, 1938. The eleven states organized as Charter Members included California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The MoFRW has 51 clubs located in eight Congressional Districts. Our members host campaign schools, candidate forums, Women of Tribute events, Legislative Day, Lincoln Day celebrations, and an annual State Convention, as well as register voters and educate the public on issues. We are the backbone of the grassroots movement.


Republican Women’s Club of St. Louis, organized 1920

20th Century Republican Women’s Club of Kansas City, organized 1920

South Side Republican Women’s Club of St. Louis, organized 1921

Greene County Republican Women’s Club, organized 1922

Greater St. Louis Ladies Club, organized 1928

West End Republican Women’s Club of St. Louis, organized 1929


Barbra Smith 2020-2021

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Mrs. Lena Ekman, 1984

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Mrs. Ruby Life, 1972-73

Mrs. Anne McElhiney, 1970-71

Mrs. Maryetta White, 1968-69

Mrs. Ollie Fritschy, 1966-67

The Hon. Rosemary Ginn, 1964-65

Mrs. Earle Frost, 1962-63

Mrs. Harry Gladish, 1960-61

Mrs. Pearl Gehrig, 1930-? (founding)