Lana Crain

Meet Lana Crain, MoFRW 2nd VP

When did you join a club/MoFRW/NFRW: 2009
How did you get involved: After a period of time in my life when I just attended a few Republican events, talked the talk, and voted Republican, I decided it was time to get involved again. I saw information on the local FRW club, attended a meeting and joined. The 2008 election had shocked me into action. If I really cared about the future of our country, I needed to volunteer to help get the message out about conservative Republican values and beliefs.

Leadership roles you've had in your club/district/MoFRW/NFRW: Club president - three terms, 5th District secretary - one term, 5th District corresponding secretary - one term, MoFRW public relations chairman - two terms, and 2015 MoFRW State Convention chairman.

Why are you a member: Because I believe in the importance of spreading our message, enjoy working with like minded, dedicated, hardworking ladies, and believe in the value of the MOFRW/NFRW programs in educating the public.

What is the benefit to being involved in club/district/MoFRW/NFRW: To me, the benefits of being involved are having guidelines, a stream of information, events and networking opportunities as we strive to spread our message in the community, work with our youth, and
provide support for our military, veterans, charities, elected officials, and candidates.

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