Kristi Nichols

I have been a member of my local FRW club for six years. I received an invitation for an event hosted by the Greater KC FRW club, and it was right up the street from where I live. The topic was “Standing with Israel and the truth about Islam”. I was interested in both topics and went to the event. I was very impressed with the knowledge of the speaker and felt led to join the local club. I found out when I joined that I was not only a part of the local club, but state and national as well.

Over the years we have had many educational speakers and candidates covering issues that encourage us to grow in our knowledge and be an active participant in the election process. In running for US Senate in 2018 it was a wonderful honor to speak to our state members at our annual MOFRW State Convention in Kansas City. I am currently the MOFRW Chaplain and Photographer. I would encourage anyone who is interested in joining to attend a couple of local meetings. Our club meets on the second Wednesday, every month at noon. Some of the other clubs meet in the evenings.

Being a member of the MOFRW provides you with a multitude of opportunities to be actively involved on the local, state and national level. Our state legislative days that is held every year in Jefferson City is a wonderful highlight of being a member. We are in Jefferson City at the Capitol building the whole day hearing state legislators and state elected officials update us on current bills and legislation proposals. MOFRW has a Breckenridge Scholar program for High school ladies and each club can nominate a politically interested lady to have a special day of insight and honor from our state legislature.

In 2017, I joined the NFRW Regents. When I attended the 2016 RNC Convention in Cleveland,an Oklahoma FRW member told me to “Be sure and join the NFRW Regents”. The Regents have several events held in Washington DC each year for FRW members all over the United States. It was a wonderful experience to be invited to the White House for the annual Christmas Tour. Afterwards we had a beautiful reception at the Capitol Hill Club. I would have to say, this and the yearly Legislative Days at our Missouri Capitol are my favorite memories.

I am a dedicated community volunteer and have been all my life. I currently volunteer with seniors, planning events and “A Night to Shine” for special needs teenagers. I am passionate about promoting strength through family and marriage. I do this through Mrs. pageant programs. I have held state and national titles that have allowed me an international platform to mentor and teach ladies worldwide. I am the current Mrs. Central United States and will be going to compete for the International Pageant in August.

Last of all I had the honor to meet and pray with our current President in 2016 when I ran for US Senate in Missouri. I am trusting the Lord for a landslide victory win for him in 2020 so we can continue to “Keep America Great”!

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