Kathy Drake - Front Right

Name: Kathy Drake

Club: Polk County Federated Republican Women’s Club

District: 7th

When did you join local club/MoFRW/NFRW?
I joined the Polk County Club in 1984 How did you get involved? A friend of mine was very involved and she invited me to a meeting. I have been attending ever since.

Leadership roles you’ve had in your club/district/MoFRW?
I have held every office in the local club, serving as president twice and other positions more than once. I have served every office except treasure at the district level, serving as president twice. I have served as 2nd and 1st vice-president of the MoFRW and served as state president in 2010-11. I have served on numerous committees at all levels. I have chaired five state conventions and was on the committee which hosted the NFRW convention in Kansas City in 2011.

Kathy Drake - Front Left


Why are you a member?
I believe in what our organization stands for. We need to have a voice in what is happening at the local, state and national level.

What is the benefit to being involved in club/district/MoFRW/NFRW?
As individuals we are not always able to speak up enough to make a difference but when we speak as a group at any level people listen. I have made many lasting friendships by being involved. I have wonderful memories of serving as state president. While serving in
that office I attended several national events and have friends all over the United States
that I met during that time.

What is your advice to someone thinking of joining?
It is a great way to be informed about government and issues that affect all of us through club meetings, etc. We all need to know what is going on at any level and club programs can provide you that information.

What are your interests/hobbies/activities outside the MoFRW?
I love attending grandchildren’s activities – which keeps me busy. I am very active in my church and other community organizations. Gardening, flowers and outside activities keep me busy in the summer. Counted cross-stitch keeps me busy in the winter.

What is your favorite memory (memories) being a member of your club/MoFRW?
Friendships are something that stays with you forever. I have many priceless
friendships made through the years.

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