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Johnson County Republican Women supporting the Trump Presidential Campaign in

Johnson County is fortunate to be observing the 80th year of our club in 2018. Years of activities are cataloged within the four boxes of clippings and memorabilia that have been passed down from President to President. Of course, when you peruse the contents you find that many dedicated women have been good stewards of conservative principles and communicating the purpose of the party for generations – supporting candidates and
communicating the needs of the county and state.

Johnson County Republican Women is a group within the 4th District and is currently discussing renaming the group to coordinate with the state and national FRW which will make it the Johnson County Federated Republican Women, if approved. We meet in the spring and fall months – March, April, May and September, October November. Currently we meet in Warrensburg at the RISE Café, a part of the Johnson County Board of Services which provides meaningful work to those with disabilities in the community. We are in discussion of meeting periodically in the other towns in our county including Leeton, Holden and Knob Noster or taking field trips around the county to learn more and include more women. We want to grow our group because we know there are women throughout the community who would find our discussions and work meaningful but they just aren’t aware of us. With print media carrying less announcements we have been discussing avenues to better spread the word about our group. We continue to adopt new practices to communicate meeting times and opportunities to get involved such as social media and maintaining a web presence to incorporate multiples channels to communicate to everyone.

Current office holders Left to Right: Verna Jenkins, 2nd VP, Molly Teichman, President,
Maci Pfister, Secretary, Carolyn Corson, Treasurer

The club continues to focus on support for the community through organized and individual giving projects. The group supported our local pregnancy resource center including baby bottle fundraiser and a donation given in honor of outgoing President, Virginia Campbell for
exemplary service to the club. We continue to promote literacy by donating children’s books to Sterling Elementary school. We’ve collected donations for stamps for the VA home in Warrensburg and baked good for our returning airmen at Whiteman Air Force Base. And finally, we continue to promote patriotism in the schools by donating flags.

Debbie Phillips, 2017 Woman of Tribute

In addition to community service the organization has focused attention on the supporting the education of our members and support for our party within the county. The group proudly compliments the work of the Central Committee by helping with hospitality for the annual
picnic. We also held programs focusing on education beginning with a program to explain voter identification changes. We began 2018 with an effort to spend time recommitting ourselves to the underpinnings of our constitutional framework hosting speakers Paul Curtman and radio host Bill Federer who both have extensive knowledge to share on our conservative principles and values.

Group members meeting to plan “Caring for America” support for state convention

The next action step, after arming our group to better articulate to others why our party is critical in encouraging strong families and common sense government is to take that message out and encourage new members to engage. To support that effort we have created new communication tools to better get the word out about events and meeting including a web home: We also created new membership brochure and collateral about upcoming event and collaborated with the Central Committee on an external-facing Facebook page to help encourage additional interest in our county.

Molly Teichman is our current club President and can be reached at of 816.682.3928

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