Franklin County FRW

Franklin County Federated Republican Women (FCFRW) is a newly formed club; first meeting was a Christmas Party on December 23, 2017; combining Republican Women’s Club of Union (RWCU) and Washington Federated Republican Women WFRW). Officers were installed on January 18, 2018.

FCFRW meets at 6:00 pm on the 3rd Thursday/month at the Krakow Store; an unincorporated area between the two towns; owned by a strong Republican Family; who graciously allows the club to meet in the restaurant area; which closes at 3:00pm.

In the past, both clubs had supported different youth programs; it was agreed to continue with these and support both the Breckenridge Scholar and the Leadership in Practice programs.

One of the main objectives of the club is youth involvement in the Republican Party and educating voters on candidates and issues. Club officers are; Jennifer Metcalf, president(cell 636-234-5383;; Monica Nechita, vice-president; Tricia Luecke, secretary; Pam Heitzmann, treasurer; Anna Lippert, Parliamentarian; Susan Luedde, membership secretary.

Plans are underway for a “Meet the Candidates” Ice Cream Social this summer hosted by the Franklin County Central Committee and served by FCFRW.

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