COVID-19 Information

Hello Everyone,

Now that President Trump has extended the COVID-19 Social Distancing Guidelines through April 30, 2020, we are again asked to stay safe at home during that time. I know many of you are part of the "essential" workforce and we thank you for the work you are doing and lift you up in prayer for your safety as well.

Caring For America Description

CLUB Caring for America

2020 March 16 Caring for America During the Corona Virus

Safe at home does not mean we are unable to function as Republican Women. We may not be able to enjoy our monthly meetings or other events, but we can "do what we can from where we are." Recently, NFRW President Ann Shockett reminded us we are separated by distance but not by mission.

I have attached information from the NFRW "Caring For America" Committee encouraging Republican Women "to show their compassionate and caring philosophy as well as that of the Republican Party." The first attachment (Caring for America description) explains the goal of the NFRW along with State Clubs in making a difference within their communities and suggests ways for Clubs to be involved.

The second attachment (CLUB Caring for America) contains 6 pages explaining the (1) Award Report, when it is to be completed, and ideas for promotion of the Club's project; (2) A list of ideas to help and improve your community; (3) Form to track individual club member's time and tasks performed for your Club's project; (4-5) Club form to be submitted by June 1, 2021: (6) Form for compiled from the Individual Club Member Tracking forms.

The third attachment is 2020 March 16, "Caring for America" document from the NFRW specifically focused on what we can do during the Corona Virus. The Caring for America Committee is asking our members "to look around your neighborhood, community, and state for any opportunities to reach people in need."

Don't forget to check in on your own Club members!

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. In the words of our President Donald Trump, "No nation on Earth will emerge stronger and more united than ours." Let us do what we can from where we are.

Please share this information with your Club members.

God Bless you and your family,