MoFRW Chaplain

The Chaplain for MoFRW during the 2020 year is Kristi Nichols. Below is a message from her and a link to the entire article:

Hello Ladies! I am honored to be returning as you MOFRW Chaplain for the next 2 years. As the MOFRW Chaplain, I open and close our meetings in prayer. I keep our clubs, members and elected officers lifted up spiritually.

At our state convention we have a memorial prayer service the Sunday morning of the convention. In 2020 our state convention will be June 5-7. Sunday, June 7th will be our memorial prayer service. We honor members who have passed on by lighting a candle and reading a brief bio of their lives and service. If you have a past member of your club or know of another members passing you would like to have honored at this service, please bring the name and short bio to the state convention. Last year we did emails and this proved unsatisfactory.

If you need to get in touch with me, you are welcome to call 816-984-2643. I travel quite a bit, so feel free to leave a message. My email is

Kristi Nichols, Chaplain