Century Club

Jean Lee, Millennium/Century Club Captain

5032 S. Hedgerow St
Springfield, MO 65802

Some of my responsibilities are to collect the membership dues that make it possible for us to carry out our missions:

Work to elect Republican candidates
Foster loyalty to the Republican Party
Increase the effectiveness of women in government
Facilitate cooperation all levels of our organization.

Collect memberships for the year. Dues must be received by April 1 in order to receive the special invitation for the Millennium/Century at the State Convention.

Complete the form for joining and the designated fees. Indicate if it is for an Individual, District, or Club, Provide forms, registrations, etc.

2022 Century Club Information

2022 MoFRW Century Club Brochure

As a Century Club or Millennium Club member your donation will help provide a financial foundation upon which the MoFRW builds for the future and will help achieve our stated mission