Carrie Almond Scholarship

The Carrie Almond NFRW Convention Registration Scholarship

Complete the form for the Carrie Almond Scholarship for the paid registration fee to the NFRW Convention. Include a letter of why you should receive the scholarship and deserve to attend the NFRW convention. The lucky winner will be chosen at the Missouri Federation of Republican Women’s Convention on Saturday June 8th, 2019. Email letter and completed form to Janice De Weese at no later than May 25, 2019.

This is for Convention Registration ONLY and does not include: travel expenses, food, hotel, extra convention events. At this time the estimated dollar amount for registration will be $500.00.

Rules for applicants:
• Must have been a member of the MoFRW for minimum of (5) years
• Must be a current paid member of a MoFRW Club
• Must be a first time attendee to a NFRW Convention
• Must committ to attend the NFRW Convention in Indianapolis September 26-29, 2019
• Must complete the NFRW registration form and understand all other actitivies are at your expense
• No member of the Executive Committee is eligible to receive this scholarship
• MoFRW is not liable for any actitivity related to the NFRW Convention

The MoFRW greatly appreciates the generosity of Carrie Almond, NFRW Immediate Past President and Past President of the MoFRW for this scholarship!

Janice De Weese, President
Missouri Federation of Republican Women