I would like to introduce you to our MoFRW Caring for America Projects for 2024-2025.


I chose this project for a couple of reasons. First, during this time of “defunding the police”, the prevalence of drug overdoses, and high crime rates, there is a lack of respect for those who choose careers to defend and serve us in our communities, and higher amounts of stress. Secondly, this is a project that is relevant to every one of our communities. I want to make sure we show appreciation to law enforcement officers (city, county, & state), 911 operators, EMTs, and firefighters. Let’s show goodwill between first responders and our communities, providing them with relief and support, and increase awareness of the realities facing first responders.

As always, local clubs may choose a different Caring for America project or may join with us for a common statewide effort. That is the choice of each club board. If you choose to join us in creating a thank you program for first responders then we welcome you to share your ideas, and project photos, with our MoFRW Caring for America Chair, Elvina Cunningham at Likewise, Elvina will share some ideas with our clubs.


This is a wonderful organization that celebrates and honors our veterans for their sacrifice and service with a day in our nation’s capital. It is available to all US Veterans. They use chartered flights that leave early in the morning and return that same evening with a full day of activities, including visiting the war memorials at the National Mall in between. Is there a veteran in your community that you would like to honor with participation in this program? Here are some ways you can help: assist a veteran to send in an application for their honor flight trip, offer to be their companion for the day, participate in a letter writing campaign (each vet gets a letter that they receive on their return flight), be part of a welcome team when their flight returns to the airport, donate money to help fund their trip and/or pay for a hotel room near the airport. Every veteran I know that has participated in this program has enjoyed it immensely, including the camaraderie of fellow veterans and their companions. Check out their website here: and their Missouri flight hubs here:

We are really looking forward to seeing the photos and posts of those that participate in the Caring for America projects. We will be highlighting them at our MoFRW State Convention on June 1, 2024.

Yours truly,
Georjene Tilton
MoFRW President