Bonhomme Township FRW

The Bonhomme Township Federated Republican Women’s Club (BTFRW) was first established in January of 1951, as documented by the Secretary of State at the
time James Kirkpatrick.

Over the years the club met at various club Presidents’ places of residence and we
have many pictures and notes throughout that time. There were many highlights
and events that were memorable. At times, the BTFRW was able to maintain a
membership of up to 150 members. However, there was a significant drop in the
last few years and we all have to work hard to improve that.

For many years the BTFRW, together with the members of the Bonhomme
Township have maintained a booth at the Greentree Festival in Kirkwood which
usually occurs in the month of September. The Greentree Parade is always a
highlight for the community and the booth serves as a very active campaign spot
gathering for Republicans running in the next election.

After several years of non-participation, the BTFRW plans on having a float in this
year’s parade and we hope as many members as possible will participate in this
event all dressed up as American Patriots in red, white and blue.

Some other recent highlights of our club? After several years of total
mismanagement of the St. Louis Veteran’s Home and years of complaints by
veterans and family members brought no relief, our member Dorothy Poholski
worked very hard to bring the situation to the Governor’s attention and was able
to have several members of Missouri Veterans Commission replaced and a new
manager of the St. Louis Veterans Home appointed. Family members already talk
about improvements at the home.

Our goal for the next two years – actively participate in the Social Media world
and most importantly, increase our membership. We meet the third Friday of
each month at the Commerce Bank in Kirkwood, MO




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