Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith has been a life long Republican and a member of the Green County Republican Women's Club since 2010. Below you can learn more about her and her activities:

How did you get involved?:
My involvement in Republican Women's Clubs was a happy accident! One of my sons was running for office and had been asked to speak at the GCRWC monthly meeting. He asked if I would like to go with him as I had not had the chance to hear him speak publicly about his passion, the Constitution. I met many of the GCRWC members that day and enjoyed the experience. Later, my son was again invited to speak and again he invited me to go with him. Now, I know what happened next was not in accordance with the bylaws of any Club, however, there was a desperate situation. The Nominating Committee of the club approached me and said they had tried to find someone to be President for the next term and had been unable to find ANYONE who would be willing. They told me the Club has been formed in 1922 and if I did not agree to be President, they would have to disband. What was I to do? My dear, sweet Mother was born in 1922. So I accepted and began my journey to today.

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