Alicyn Ehrich at Lincoln Days (on right)

Name: Alicyn Ehrich

Club: Linn County Republican Women

District: 6th

When did you join local club/MoFRW/NFRW? When our club was chartered in 2006

How did you get involved? I had been Linn County Central Committee Chairman since 1996, and my mother had been a member in Chariton County for my entire life, so getting involved was a natural fit for me.

Alicyn Ehrich

Leadership roles you’ve had in your club/district/MoFRW? I have served as Vice-President of our local club and I have been President of LCRW since 2017. I also served as District Vice-President and I was elected President of the 6th District Federation in the fall of 2017.

Why are you a member? I am a strong, conservative, who was raised by a strong, conservative woman who knew the value of being politically involved. I am very passionate about helping to educate voters about candidates and issues that align with those conservative values.

What is the benefit to being involved in club/district/MoFRW/NFRW? I feel more connected and informed about what is happening in our elections and our government and I love meeting fellow conservative women.

What is your advice to someone thinking of joining? Having the opportunity to meet with other women who all share your conservative values is something you cannot guarantee in any other organization. Being able to work together with women (and men who choose to join as affiliates) is very rewarding and a great service to those who want to see traditional conservative values preserved in our country.

What are your interests/hobbies/activities outside the MoFRW? I retired after 30 years as a choir director five years ago, but am still very active substituting, accompanying for local choirs, giving piano lessons, playing the organ at my church and remaining active in several local clubs and organizations. I have three adult children, one son in sixth grade and four grandchildren. I do find time to help my husband around the farm when I can and wouldn’t change my life for anything!

What is your favorite memory (memories) being a member of your club/MoFRW? I have met some truly amazing friends through my involvements with Republican women. I always know when I walk in a room of MoFRW women that I will either reunite with an old friend or soon have a new one.

As President of the 6th District, I am super excited to have just launched our Sixth District Republican Women of Missouri Facebook page! We’re looking forward to utilizing this new tool to connect with conservative women all across the northern part of our state.

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