2017 President’s Report

President’s Report
Show-Me Action Conference/Board of Director’s Meeting
January 28, 2017

It has been a wonderful experience being MoFRW President this past year. I’m so proud of the work our organization has accomplished. At the beginning of my term as president I wanted to reinforce the reason for the MoFRW and that is that we are MAKING A DIFFERENCE! By observing the results of the 2016 election, service projects to our communities through our Caring For America, military & literacy projects and the speakers/educational opportunities demonstrated at club and district meetings it is clear that we are MAKING A DIFFERENCE. I appreciate all that you have done in keeping our country on the ‘right’ path.

In 2016 we had great meetings and introduced some new programs and ideas. Below are few of those. Please let me know if you have any ideas. I think it’s important to keep growing, evaluating and implementing fresh ideas and projects.

1. We introduced a new President’s Mentoring Program helping new club and district presidents learn the ropes in their new leadership position.
2. #MoFRWpraysforthemilitary was sent out into the social media world letting everyone know our heart for supporting our military. Hundreds of tiny soldiers were passed out as little reminders that ended up going across the country on Rosie!
3. The 2016 Show-Me Action Conference had a record attendance with lots great speakers & workshops.
4. We had an awesome turn-out at Legislative Day with lots speakers and the opportunity to visit those who represent us in Missouri.
5. We recognized some outstanding young ladies though the Breckenridge Scholar program.
6. The MoFRW state convention was a success and we had lots of fun! We heard great speakers including NFRW 2nd vice-president Lynne Hartung.
7. Members of the MoFRW worked the MRP tent at the State Fair in August welcoming visitors and talking our Republican ideals.
8. We sold Constitution Quest games reinforcing the need to educate ourselves and the community on the US Constitution.
9. We sold name tags to advertise our clubs and the MoFRW.
10. The MoFRW website and Facebook page were kept updated with all the latest activities and forms.
11. The MoFRW now has a Twitter and Instagram account reaching thousands of people.
12. We were privileged to hear Brenda Talent at the MoFRW luncheon at Lincoln Days in St. Louis.
13. We supported NFRW President Carrie Almond and her big Rosie adventure by giving the more money than any other state!

2017 Challenges to each of you are:

1. Keep us informed of your club & district activities before and after the events to include photos so we can post on Facebook and our web site. Email anstiffler@yahoo.com or lanacrain@yahoo.com
2. Watch your emails, MoFRW website and Facebook for the latest information/forms/deadlines and please share with your clubs. www.mofrw.org #mofrw www.nfrw.org
3. Step up into a leadership position with your club, district or on the state level.
4. Be the kind of club that others want to join and stay a member!
It has been a treat to attend district meetings around the state and meet the ladies who keep this organization strong. I look forward to joining you at your meetings in 2017! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or questions. I look forward to MAKING A DIFFERENCE with you in 2017!

Angela Stiffler
816.916.8442/ anstiffler@yahoo.com