Putnam County Republican Women celebrating our country in a local parade! MoFRW members Making A Difference!
MoFRW 2017 Convention
United Federation Republican Women - 2017
2017 Breckenridge Scholars
Putnam County Republican Women 7-4-16
5th and 6th Districts host NFRW campaign RV, Rosie event.
Ladies of Missouri Federation of Republican Women
2016 Breckenridge Scholars at Missouri Supreme Court
4th District Fall Meeting
Legislative Day at the Capitol 2016

President's Report

I hope you are enjoying the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. (I stole that from Nat King Cole- 1963) July 4th ranks up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving as a special holiday. I hope you have the opportunity to attend a special event commemorating the colonies declaring their independence 242 years ago on that July 4th, 1776. Did you know three U.S. President’s died on 4th of July? .. READ MORE BELOW:

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The Greene County Republican Women have met since 1922 in the Springfield, Missouri area. This club was the first Republican Women's Club in Missouri and they recently celebrated their 95th Birthday.... READ MORE

About MoFRW

On February 15, 1930 representatives from the following Republican Women’s Clubs met in St. Louis, Missouri. The group voted to form a federated Republican Women’s State Club and chose Mrs. Grace S. Burlingham as temporary chairman. On May 9, 1930, a committee was appointed to draft a Constitution and Bylaws.
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Support Children Who Have a Deployed Parent!

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Meet the Members

Meet Pat Lehman from the Republican Women of Greater Kansas City. A friend of hers kept asking her to join. It got to the point where she could no longer refuse, so she joined....Read More

Last Month Meet the Member

Meet Nancy Johnson, the Featured "Meet the Member" for the month of June. "In 2006, Claire McCaskill had her first run for US Senator. I was opposed to the campaign issues she supported."... Read More

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Congresswoman Mia Love

There's a Place for You at Our Table

Carrie Almond at Trump Rally in Pennsylvania

Carrie Almond is the Current NFRW President


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