Caring for America

USO BannerOperation Phone Home for the Holidays

The USO is having a project for the troops to get phone cards to our troops here and over seas. If someone donates $10.00 or more they can receive a 3’ by 5’ American flag. Troops can call home for free as many times and at any time as they want. May be we can all display our flags during the holidays to show our support for them and our country. I for one like to see our flag flying in every home. United Service Organizations


The Caring for America project is done in two different ways.  One is at the local level with projects that the District's and Club's promote. The second way is at the State level with a Project that the President of the Missouri Federation chooses. Listed below is the project that I have chosen to be the State project for my term.

MoFRW Caring For America